Contact Lenses

The clinic stocks many brands of contact lenses to help provide you with choices, and to make your fit as efficient as possible. New advancements in contact lenses come out every year, and Dr. Slivka can expertly fit your prescription for maximum eye health, whether it is a simple daily disposable to a lens for astigmatism or bifocals. Dr. Slivka will help determine which contact lenses are best suited for you depending on your visual needs and lifestyle.

Our complete contact lens exam includes the following:

  • Measurement of curvature of cornea
  • A pair of contact lens trials
  • Teaching of insertion and removal of contact lenses for new lens wearers
  • Follow-up appointments to make sure contacts are comfortable and vision is good.  In some cases, the prescription and fitting of the lens requires fine tuning.

**Contact Lenses are prescription-only, and considered a medical device.  They must be fitted and sized properly to avoid possible complications and infections.  Federal law prohibits the sale of contact lenses without a prescription.

Order Contact Lenses

This service is only available to current contact lens patients of Dr. Slivka. 

If you have purchased contact lenses from us before, and would like a refill of your prescription, fill out the following form and we will contact you to confirm the order.

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